What VCs look for in a startup CEO

If you’re in the startup world, and you’re serious about it, eventually you’re going to have to pitch various VCs to get funding. You’re not alone here: VCs hear hundreds of pitches a year and barely any end up getting funded. So what makes the difference? Is it the product? Yes, but not completely. More than anything else, VCs are investing in you. Here are the top qualities that investors look for in a startup CEO. Continue reading

Designing Data-Driven Online Marketing Campaigns

Far too many businesses ignore the importance of analytics when running marketing campaigns online. Basic concepts like establishing key performance indicators (KPI), running A/B testing, and using source tracking are ignored, either because they take too much effort or they simply don’t know how to use them effectively.

Not tracking campaign effectiveness prevents companies from growing efficiently. In this article we’ll go over how to effectively set up your marketing strategy, including an example of a well thought out campaign.
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Startups: Please stop making CRMs!

There are too many CRMs!

With very real rise of SalesForceIQ, a cheaper alternative aimed at smaller businesses and startups, I’m starting to wonder if the CRM space has reached peak saturation. More importantly, I’m wondering how any small player can viably compete against giants like SalesForce without pricing themselves so low it’s not even worth their time.

It’s time to accept that Salesforce is to CRMs what Facebook is to social networking, Google is to search, or what Adobe is to the digital photography world: a dominate force that has established itself as the verb in the industry.
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Finding Affordable Office Space As a Freelancer or Startup


Money is an issue for most early stage startups and freelancers, which makes the idea of having an office seems unrealistic. Generally this leads to these parties working out of their living spaces (which you probably shouldn’t do).

But with crowdsourcing becoming the norm in our world, novel approaches to keeping office costs low are becoming increasingly common. Below are some of the best ways to find an office without breaking the bank. Continue reading